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Leadership breaks

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Leadership involves courage, risk taking, trust, patience, and thought through decision-making. To be a successful leader, it’s crucial to delegate and let your employees work independently. Micro management is suffocating and destroys creativity, motivation, and innovation of employees. Take a break in your leadership and give your employees space. It takes courage, is however crucial for the most effective leadership and long term health of your staff. Be hands off, the best preventative measure against burnouts of employees, especially now, during this time of the year, an unprecedented year that required more from each and everyone of us.

Take a break and why it matters! Boredom rocks!

Great ideas don’t evolve if people are overloaded with work. Show appreciation for your employees by giving them time off, time to be creative without expectations. You’ll be rewarded. Boredom rocks! Boredom bring creativity, because your employees aren’t overwhelmed with external stimuli, they’re ready to think creatively, when stimuli can come from within, intrinsic motivation of your employees.



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