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New business mom in style

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

To me, personal style in attitude and fashion during pregnancy, in the hospital, and postpartum are essential for maintaining a sense of identity as a woman.

This is why I put a lot of effort and time in rethinking my wardrobe. It’s been possible that way to wear the same as pre pregnancy, with a twist emphasizing the confidence to be an entrepreneur, business woman, company owner, and simultaneously proud new mom.

Personal styling tips

  • Dress for success

  • Style that conveys self-confidence

  • Repurpose you fashion accessories to become mommy essentials (i.e. Chanel travel purse became essential diaper bag)

  • Keep it simple, yet classy!

  • Use accessories to pimp up your style

  • Fit all in a Birkin bag, instead of a multicolored, functional backpack

  • Kelly to go and Chanel phone bag perfect company when out with your baby carry

  • Atelier Choux

  • Bonpoint

  • Tartine et chocolate

  • Oscar & Valentine

  • Il Gufo

  • Livly

  • En Soie Zurich

  • Chantecaille Bébé

  • Coolest family store Paris Smallable

  • Antipope baby carry

  • Cybex stroller

  • Stokke crib

  • Moon baby chair

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