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Survival tips for grey winter days

In today’s podcast live from sunny lake side promenade in Zurich, with my guest Marie from Southern California, we discuss how to survive grey winter days.

Winter and darkness, fog, rain, and lack of sunlight impacts many people’s well-being during the northern hemisphere.

What can we do to boost our energy and cheer up:

-Exercise, especially during the bright daylight hours. No matter rain or sun.

-Winter swimming, a pure endorphin booster.

-Meet and be active with friends.

-Head to the mountains for snow and bright sunlight.

-Go for a walk when it’s sunny in your area or grab lunch, a coffee in the pre spring sun (We promise, it’s a game changer!)

-Plan a trip to warmer sunnier climate.

-Light therapy, use a SAD lamp at home.

-Reach out to an expert before symptoms get too severe.

-Psychotherapy can support you through the darkest months of the year.

Listen to the podcast:






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