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Dr. Schwank works to support clients remove the barriers keeping them from living their most optimal lives. Typical clients include high level executives, financial sector professionals, traders, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and academics. Dr. Schwank emphasises the importance to remain a leader in a very competitive global environment. Dr. Schwank supports clients highlight their abilities, develop and  strengthen their skills. She uses peak-performance training to aline the mind and the body for optimal performance.


Dr. Schwank has a decade of expertise in assessments for both individuals and corporate groups. Assessments include potential analysis, personality and performance assessments, and group productivity analysis for optimal team productivity.


Dr. Schwank has developed and taught specific training programs and coaching processes to corporate employees who must reach and maintain their highest potential.  Schwank is currently medical researcher and lecturer at Karolinska Institutet, University of Zürich, Fudan University, and guests lecturer at Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and Vanderbilt University. 

Dr. Schwank is available for corporate performance trainings, conflict resolution, group presentations, seminars, and workshops.

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