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Couples coping with infertility

Infertility can affect anyone. There’s no socioeconomic advantage or exception of infertility. Yet, of course depending on the medical system, it can also be a very costly experience.

Yet while infertility can be a major stressor on a relationship, many aspects can actually help strengthen it. The most important part of the process is, to undergo it as a team, with a united goal, to become a family, one way or another. That’s however much easier said than done. Here are some aspects to keep in mind, that can help a couple to cope with infertility.

  1. Be a team self-blame starts when you see infertility as your own struggle.

  2. Try to keep some spontaneous intimacy. “Planned sex” is unsexy.

  3. Manage your stress. Seek professional help, if your stress becomes unbearable and overwhelming.   

  4. Communicate honestly. Resentment and anxiety can shut down the lines of communication in a marriage or partnership.

  5. Become educated. Knowledge is powerful, especially when it comes from a qualified expert.

  6. Set goals and limits. Communicate honestly about your limits, and set mutual goals. You may also decide to explore alternative methods of starting a family, such as egg or sperm donation, or adoption and decide when you’ll consider such methods.





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