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Filling the empty space with creativity: Live from LA

Today freelance fashion photographer Emily will share live form LA her way of staying creative during COVID-19 lockdown. See her art in the post.

How creativity can come from the most uncertain situations. If you’re put into an unfavorable circumstance, something that’s so opposite of what you’re used to, something creative can evolve. You have to be comfortable with yourself to be able to tolerate the emptiness and anxiety, and be confident that creativity will evolve.



Listen to Emily and Dr. Schwank:

Emily’s insights:

“Train your brain to be ok with uncertain situations, it’s scary but you need to trust your gut that it will be ok”.

“When you are going at a fast pace, it’s nice to stop and take the time to evaluate and figure what direction you want your work to go in.”

“Being an artist and only doing your practice, without looking at other things to inspire you, can make your work suffer.”


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