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Grounded in the snow

Learning to be challenging for the mind to be stuck on ground and not able to fly. Waiting in snow chaos in Zurich. As if there’s never any snow here!! We’re seriously challenged to remain calm, when in such a special scenario. The crew and all passengers kept very quiet. Thanks to the chocolate everyone got, I assume!

Personally, I feel I didn’t deal well with the situation! It’s been mentally very stressful to just sit and wait, without any agenda!!

Especially, since I have specific plans for this evening and my son’s very first birthday!

I so wish, I’d been up earlier this morning and having had my exercise in, instead of wanting to squeeze that in too.

But that’s the typical “shoulda, woulda, coulda” attitude that doesn’t change anything, only makes one more irritated.

Lesson learned:

  1. Do everything you want BEFORE a flight or train ride!

  2. Find tranquility in a situation you can’t change!

  3. Stay open-minded and curious.

  4. Challenging times ask for decompression!

  5. Go for some exercise to not put the negative energy on others!

  6. Look at the bright sides and stay positive!





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