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It needs a village to raise a child

Sitting at my favorite beauty studio getting my nails done, while baby Raphaël is being taken care of by the wonderful ladies here.

What a magic time for me and him too! It needs a village to raise a child. This is what I fondly believe! The more a child is exposed to different people the better for his future development.

We both decided that he needs to learn from an early age on, that there’s other people around him, that love him just as much as his parents do. It makes my mommy life so so much more enjoyable, having multiple helping, baring hands.

I always felt that quality time with anyone goes before quantity time. Especially, with a child, the quality of the engagement with the child is what matters and children mirror that back immediately. It is way more important to dedicate one’s full attention to a child under a shorter period of time, rather than spending all day and night with a child without being attentive nor present and genuinely interested. Less but focused attention can absolutely be more for everyone’s well-being!





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