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Living in two places

Since many years back, I’ve lived abroad. In Shanghai, New York, Stockholm, and only recently returned back to Zurich for part of my professional and personal life.

Living in multiple places alway appealed to me and gave me the necessary challenge, both cognitively, learning Mandarin or Swedish, besides the cultural differences one encounters when living, rather than traveling on business or leisure trips abroad.

But what’s so special or normal about living in two places?

It’s the change in scenery, the adjustment to the different cultures, weather, food, work habits, apartments, and one’s own persona in the different cities. An adjustment that keeps one’s mind flexible and openminded. Not everything is the same, as “home sweet home”. My partner and I both appreciate Zurich and Stockholm, the two cities we live in more, since we live there only part-time. You see the bright side of each place more than at times living in just one of them and visiting the other. We also tend to arrange more date nights, since living in both places, which has boosted our relationship a lot and creates highlights and a sense of vacation feeling in the everyday life routines. We’re exploring the cities and surroundings more, creating a more interesting everyday life.

All in all a very positive change and a lifestyle very worth testing for every globetrotter!!

Living in more than one place is Savoir-vivre!




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