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Me-time times two

After a blissful two days for my female empowerment movement @unesurcent, hiking, connecting, inspiring, and empowering each other. I’m enjoying a tranquil dinner by myself in the stunning lobby hall of @suvrettahouse. Life piano music, delicious Italian dinner, and exquisite hospitality, fully embracing my me-time. As an introvert, I knew how essential it was for me to recharge. Staying an extra night to recharge, exercise, solitude hike, swim, relax, dine, high tea afternoon, and enjoy! One of the very best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!! I could feel so clearly, how essential it was, for my physical and mental well-being.

Being 7 months pregnant, with four incredibly intense years of assisted reproductive health in the backpack, and conducting research on the impact of stress during the perinatal period, I’m extra, extra conscious of minimising my stress. Frequent massages, yoga, earlier boundary setting, more exercise time, and emphasising on work I have control over, are some of the strategies I follow.

Me-time, is however the most important of all of them! The days with my female friends learned and supported my strive for me-time too! They all found ways to curb out time for themselves. We all agreed, it’s the way to success, happiness, and a healthy life.

Coming December, the baby being born, I do wonder how it will be with the me-time. That’s why, I’ve arranged a babysitter that’s available from day one, daycare, grandparents visiting to support, and of course my husband taking time off to take care of our baby. We’ve also planned a first getaway in December to return to the amazing @suvrettahouse with him! Continuing a life we both love and don’t want to give up by any means. Couples time being as much to be cherished as me-time, especially after having a baby.

Thankfully, we will bring a baby phone and see with the Suvretta House regarding child care services.

To conclude: Dedication to oneself an essential pathway to life success and overall well-being.

Who of us is however living this credo?

Research has shown the consequences of stress on our physical and mental health.

As women, we’re taught to take a step back and set our own needs, behind others, leading to exhaustion and life dissatisfaction. It’s time to change these antique structures and celebrate the female me-time.




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