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Mommy guilt

Mommy guilt is real! As much as I wish my resources were infinite, they really aren’t and I have to admit, I’ve crumbled. Rushing to pick up my son, straight from work, taking care of my husband, all our Swiss family admin, my research, my clinic, my female empowerment club, just not myself. Lesser sleep quality and daycare germs didn’t help my immune system, so getting sick, something as foreign to me as it could be. That didn’t help my energy equilibrium either.

Now everyone is having a rough time, since happy mommy is happy family.  Taking charge again for myself and reducing the mommy guilt moments!

  • Taking time after work for myself

  • Do 15min yoga before dinner

  • Take a 5 min facial care daily

  • Book a massage

  • Meet a friend for coffee

  • Organise help to go on couples night out!! Essential too!!

  • Go on a solo AND guilt free trip

  • A walk in nature

  • A yoga class






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