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New mom back in shape

8 weeks ago our son was born. 1 week after the c section, I’ve illegally started running again. Listening to my body, starting slow and for me only short distances. What a feeling, the first postpartum run felt like freedom! So incredible, all the senses involved in that very basic run.

Yoga work outs were possible 10 days after c section delivery. Starting at home, then PT, followed by group training. Gaining confidence with every day and every movement, reconnecting with my body and mind.

Yoga work outs to bring back balance, strength, and grace. The longer you stay active during pregnancy, the shorter, and smoother the recovery. Headstand and forearm stand stood highest on the priority list.

Beside the me-time for sports, taking care of your inner and outer beauty is essential for new mommy health.

Sports tips

  • Never stop moving

  • Start with low impact activities

  • Routines rock, 5min exercise a day

  • Listen to your body, its signs

  • Trust your instincts!





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