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Pregnancy and preparation to early childhood part 2

How do we mentally prepare parents-to-be for their transition to a new life?

A life with new routines, less time for the couple, the individual parent themselves. Discussions related to values of parenting are often lacking prior to childbirth and can cause tension and unmet expectations once the baby’s born. Topics such as anxieties, uncertainties related to becoming a parent are often also not shared among the couple.

Uncomfortable topics are often not brought up, or life dreams of career-family compatibility not communicating among each other.

How to parent is vastly influenced by our own childhood experience. Often it’s intuitive and we don’t even imagine our partner thinking or acting differently. That’s why a pre-baby discussion on parenting and values can be so crucial.

What to do?

Family coaching can be an effective way to discuss values with each other. Open up one’s backpack of one’s one childhood experiences, believes, and dreams. So often we believe the other knows exactly how to do about the night routine, since we so naturally turn to our own experience, but they don’t know.




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