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Pregnancy journey in me-style Part 2

I never felt better and more self-confident in my body and mind then now. This particularly, after all the years of assisted reproductive medicine interventions. Years where body, mind, and soul, self-confident me were very out of sync. All these aspects of the self felt lacking a connection, driving on separate autopilots.

Regaining confidence and trust in my body though pregnancy, is the most unexpected experience of my life. I anticipated feeling miserable, nauseous, depressed, anxious, and severely challenged with the hormonal and bodily changes. Yet, I feel the complete opposite, strong, self-confident, full of joy and amazement of the energy and power I have to master all the life challenges with ease. Never felt more balanced in body, mind, and soul. I often reflect over the fact that my attitude certainly impact the way I feel. Since I consider the bodily changes as reassuring, that everything goes well in my pregnancy, it’s much easier to cope with them.

I further noticed, that since my pregnancy, I’m focusing way more on the positive, rather than the negative sides of things. This is new and very exciting to me. Having lived through several ivf years, feeling depressed and low, observing myself being more positive and self-confident in the attitude towards life; is exactly what I envisioned to convey to other women. Key for a fulfilling, independent life as a woman: Loving yourself for the one you are is essential! This means taking care of yourself, go on a date with yourself and embrace me-time. Be confident in what you wear and show this to the world! We vastly underestimate how the way we dress makes us feel and what it conveys to the surrounding.

It’s been my goal to try and keep up a fashionable, independent, self-confident look. A goal, I persuaded all throughout my life, but even more so as pregnant woman and mother-to-be. How I dress?

Sporty, elegant with a twist. Something about the look needs to mismatch the expected style credo.

Inspo 1: Combine boyfriend washed shorts with Chanel little black jacket.

Inspo 2: Work with accessories, contrasting shoes to an outfit, a colourful bag, scarf, jewellery, just explore, experiment, and have fun.

Inspo 3: Never go full outfit in brands or one brand top to toe. Mix and match, brands and no brands, old and new.

Inspo 4: Always wear stunning underwear, lace is what I wear. Never wear bra and bottom in the same style, like all French women do, miss matching is the way to go!

Inspo 5: Shoes always pimp up every outfit! Try to match the shoes either in color or make a sharp contrast with them! Easy to do also when the belly grows and only tights fit.

Inspo 6: Use colors you love, wear different shades of them for a complete look. Monochrom is obviously always a great choice too and works extra well when pregnant and wanting to reduce the appearance in size.

Regarding women’s choice of fashion, their outfits, and lifestyle preferences - with or without being pregnant - every woman should have the freedom of choice and feel entitled to it too!! Women need to support each other and strengthen each other in the choices and decisions each and every one of us made, make, and will take in the future.




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