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Pregnancy life journey part 1

Pregnancy and the entire perinatal time is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. Such tremendous responsibility lying on her shoulders. How can one master this time in the best possible way? What do we know from science that can support us in navigating the jungle of recommendations of does and don’ts in pregnancy?

Intergenerational transmission is scientifically proven to appear and exist in holocaust survivors, 9/11 survivors, as well as people experiencing other traumatic situations.

Intergenerational transmission manifests in epigenetic changes, due to environmental factors, such as famines, wars, trauma, maternal chronic stress, mental health problems/disorders, and living in impoverished, low socioeconomic environments.

Prevention and early intervention already during pregnancy are crustal to improve the outcome of the next generation. This is an urgent public health call to reduce to rising burden of disease globally, related to mental health.




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