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Reinventing parenting: family vs. me time

After six months of parenting, a retrospection is beneficial. We have both chosen to start working, right after our son was born. Both a great feeling of accomplishment and yet also a feeling of missing out on the most precious family time.

The rollercoaster of emotions is something I was very aware of and prepared for, yet still caught off guard by how intense the feelings can be. You can prepare as much as you like, yet still not be ready for the challenges and the great joy a child can bring. Several times I noticed how I’ve been pushed to the limit of my abilities and patience. The unknown, the unpredictability are the most challenging aspects of parenthood. Even though I’ve been prepared for these situations, the degree of challenge was quite overwhelming, particularly on days being alone with the baby boy and working at the same time. Arriving at home with the baby and being hungry were the moments I wished having a helper 24/7 rather just a babysitter.

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