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Reinventing parenting part 3: Parents know best

Live your life your way. We have only one life, should live it to the fullest. Many of us, including myself have listened to people and their opinions. How they considering parenting should be like. We listen and take it in and then end up doings that are against our ideas and concepts. Having a partner that rather than confirming, is rebelling is fantastic. The rebellious attitude is exactly what’s needed. The approach to parenthood and parenting should be defined by the new parents and nobody else. Strengthening new parents in their role, should always be prio no 1.

Keep your own ideas and thoughts to yourself, no need to interfere with the new parent’s way. The more new parents get to explore things in their way, the better.

How can we best support new parents best?

  1. Support them in their way. New parents know best themselves.

  2. Offer support in taking care of the child, to get them couple’s time.

  3. Provide reassurance and encouragement.

  4. Don’t give advice, when not asked for it.




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