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Reinventing parenting part 6: yoga the ultimate self care

Today’s been a magic coincidence, managing to squeeze in an hour of yoga PT. Strong flow with Marie from MIX studio. Absolutely brilliant for body and mind. Back pain became real for me too again, like during the four years of ivf. Yet, instead of stopping my movements, lying in bed or taking pain medication, I arranged this yoga PT. The very best for both body and mind. I feel magnificent after. So strong, a complete moving meditation, exactly what I see as my way of meditating. I never felt comfortable with all the suggested meditation suggestions for pregnant women. It made me feel inadequate not doing it, even if I feel inside knew it’s not for me. This is one of the reasons, why I’m sharing this here. The more we listen to our selves, the stronger, and more powerful we feel. Movement is key to feel good from the inside out. A healthy soul lives in a healthy body. A healthy baby lives in a healthy mother’s womb. Self care is staying true to our self and trusting ourselves. This is the desired way to enter parenthood: self-confident, able to take out me time, and say no when we need space, be kind to ourselves to accept what we can’t control.

To us women, who cherish and trust in their bodies and minds.






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