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Social Media Detox

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How does social media impact our mental and physical well-being?

The constant comparison of looking into the camera, the mirror has an effect on all of us. Whether we’re aware of the impact or not, we compare ourselves with others on a daily  visual basis.

Self-confidence comes from within. The more confident we feel about who you are, the more it’s reflected in our appearance, body posture, and facial expressions.

Social media self-test: Having iMessage, WeChat, what’s app, email accessible for work and trying to focus on a research project proposal = mission impossible!!! I got completely distracted and so on hyper mode. My brain on high speed. It’s really difficult to balance, the constant availability, immediate response, and contrast it to an off-line mode.

Social media detox:

• LookUp movement

• Set up off-line routines

• No phone zones at home, work, school

• Make sure you have a balanced day.





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