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Social norms fertility choices in urban Chinese women part two

Updated: Feb 20

Today’s episode is live from Shanghai during an Asian research trip in reproductive health. The current global research project focusses on the declining birth rate in China. A global trend that China is following with declining birthrates and women’s alternative choices of family planning. Despite initiating a three-child policy and governmental incentives, including monetary benefits of having multiple children, the birthrate in 2022 has dropped in China to a record low of 1.2 children. Even if financial reasons have been discussed widely, it’s the social norms, as well as the individuals in reproductive age themselves, who grew up without siblings, surrounded only by other only children. A further topic is the lack of access to professional information and education surrounding childbirth and the perinatal period, leading to child-birth and parenthood related anxiety.

The research project investigates urban Chinese women’s own reproductive choices and their causes. Dive in and stay tuned for more.




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