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Travelling with a baby: yes you can!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

It’s all about coordinating. It’s finding the right time of the day to travel best. For my female empowerment movement UNE SUR CENT, I’ve organised a weekend getaway at Suvretta House in St. Moritz. I’ve solo travelled with my 9months old. It worked very well.

Too often, we hear what’s not possible, rather than been given encouragement to dare to try. Just the other day, I received a mommy newsletter that’s been so discouraging and old fashioned. The letter suggested not to travel with a baby! We’ve traveled around the world with a quiet, sleeping baby. It’s about how your lifestyle is and what the baby is accustomed to. Anything is possible, if you’d put your mind into it.

It’s important to empower women and young mothers in particular to say yes you can. In stead of no you can’t! The more we strengthen self esteem in young women, the better for the future of female empowerment and role modelling. The more we dare to try, the better, as it shows the options and possibilities we have, to parent in our  own individual way.

Young parents need all the support they can get. Positive reinforcement, rather than critical evaluation. Yes, we can! Together as supportive parents we can!





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