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UNE SUR CENT mountain retreat

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Concluding two absolutely magnificent days high up in the Swiss mountains and enjoying hospitality at its peak @suvrettahouse. The event for my female empowerment movement @unesurcent themed: “There’s no mountain high enough for women to climb”, is one of the best events ever. The breathtakingly beautiful nature environment, hiking, coffee breaks, breakfasts, dinners which brought endless incredible conversations, new business ideas, and connections meant the world to me and as I understood to the participants too. What a success, as the participants shared too. They described how they managed and greatly appreciated to take out time for themselves.

One of them shared how she’s doing in her everyday life. How she blocks all lunches for herself to exercise. Of course, if someone would like to meet her for lunch, she’s also flexible to change her routines, but in general, lunches are her exclusive time. She also told us, how she decided not to take days off, but use this time as her weekend, due to business trips starting and ending during her weekends ahead. Simply love, love, love it. So incredibly inspiring! That’s the way to do it! Instead of staying in Zurich, due to her upcoming business trip to South America, she came all the way to Engadin.

Another incredible woman came all the way, even with two small children at home and guests arriving on the second day of the event. She described how important it was for her to get away and change sceneries, as she’s mainly working from home. She left after breakfast, but contributed immensely with her powerful and extraordinarily positive attitude to life. So refreshing to see her energy and as she’s shown; you can have it all! Career, entrepreneurship, two children, and a life as an independent woman.

During our train ride, hikes, coffees, dinners, and most amazing breakfasts @ Suvretta House, we’ve exchanged life stories, contacts, connections, struggles and challenges at work, home, and with our own personal lives. We could support each other and share experiences we’ve gained over the years, living, working, and running businesses, and raising families in different parts of the world.

It’s exactly what I’ve envisioned of the retreat and in general the mission of @unesurcent to inspire and empowerment women by bringing incredible women together. Together we’re strong and can rule the world. There’s no mountain high enough for women to climb.





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