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Women run the world

As currently seven month pregnant woman, I feel more energetic and strong than ever before. A completely unexpected experience! I was expecting to feel low of energy, low in mood, huge, and unattractive. None of the above occurred, rather the complete opposite. I feel absolutely amazing, full of energy, up for new projects, ideas, and business opportunities. There’s no mountain high enough for women to climb. Perseverance, self-confidence, dedication, passion, and a clear vision to strive to the top. That’s what reflects me as a person. I’ve never ever given up in my life. No matter how strong the wind blew against me.

If Plan A didn’t work, I chose plan B, C, D, and back full speed to plan A. My passion and dedication to share this with other women never stops. I like to be an inspiration for other women, bring women together to exchange and encourage each other. That’s the goal of UNE SUR CENT, my female empowerment movement.




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