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Women: What’s needed to boost self confidence?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

It’s so common for women to suppress and lower their personal performance, academic achievements, and success in public or work environment.

Why do we do that? I know it too well, from personal experience. Growing up in a very patriarchal society, with incredibly many obstacles to strive as a woman, it’s difficult to break free from the societal judgment. The disapproving eyes are everywhere. Unfortunately, way too often they can be identified as female.

We can’t create a new position for women in society, if our female “buddies” aren’t inclined to uplift and encourage each other, rather than judging each other and acting out of jealousy. Role models and mentors are needed to uplift the young and not yet as self confident women.

The more we can inspire each other and support each others journey to succeed, the better. Together we’re strong, alone exposed to all the winds.

Check out: The glass-ceiling index, which shows in an excellent way female suppression and lacking career opportunities per country.





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