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A practical guide from a global female traveler

Working around the world calls for experience in preparation.

Travel planning:

  1. Start your mental inspiration well in advance to imagine the place and increase your “Vorfreude” (anticipation excitement)

  2. Pack outfits not clothes!

  3. Work with accessories (scarfs, bags, shoes)

  4. Shoes: pack a variety of comfort styles for all occasions and long walks!

  5. For the flight: a comfortable outfit both for ground and up in the air (a list follows below)

  6. For the lounge: focus on light meals, lots of water

  7. Relax

Flight outfit and essentials:

  • Compression socks

  • Noise cancelling earphones

  • Silk eye mask

  • Skin care (sheet mask, cream mask, calming mist, hand cream, lip balm)

  • SNACKS the more the better! You never know!

  • Wear: cashmere sweater, tights, top, oversize shirt, silk scarf, mules!





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