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Couple's Life

Today’s episode discusses topics related to couples. No matter in which stage of your relationship you are, conflicts are normal and important. What is crucial for a long term relationship is how you resolve conflicts. Being able to talk to each other is crucial.

Some rules of a successful communication are:

  • The use of the I-messaging, rather than you-messaging, which leads to defensive responses.

  • Take a time out, if the discussion gets too heated. But important, unite afterwards and talk over it.

  • Discuss what makes you feel appreciated. Many times we do things for our partner without knowing if it’s what they need.

Date nights bring back the spark in long term relationships, even if they’re scheduled! It’s a phone-, child-free time to uniquely focus on the couple.

Have the courage to talk about sexual desires!

An open relationship is where you can talk share your preferences and let seduction have its room. It is key to a fulfilled sex life for the both of you to brush off all taboos.

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