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Emerging Adults: Attention Needed!

Many young adults in today’s world are faced with a very challenging outlook for their future. Despite their educational level, uncertainty to find a fulfilling job, that would provide the so sought freedom and independence from their parents, are sparse. The job market in 2020 has not been as challenging since the Great Depression, and even for those in collage or apprenticeship, the future isn’t as bright as it has been in the past decades.

This generation of young adults is more vulnerable to mental health problems.

A recent epidemiological study from the University of Hong Kong by Chung et al. 2020 has shown that under 2020 more than 20% of the 15-24 year olds suffered from moderate depression and anxiety.

One-third of the participants reported a high level of health anxiety.

Over 10% showed significant levels of insomnia and somatic symptoms.

Young people are at risk of severe psychological impact during the coronavirus pandemic. Monitoring the mental health trajectory for youth should become routine practice during times of crisis.

As parents, teachers, educators, and society we need to focus on this generation of young adults and provide all possible support.

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