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Exercise whilst traveling

Pack your swim wear in your carryon, my mom always reminded us. In case luggage gets lost, you can still go swimming upon arrival at the holiday destination.

Bring your runners, your basic gym equipment or gym with your child. The perfect way of combining family time and exercise. Children love to run around, they love to imitate adults’ behavior, so exercise with them together.

Yet, a solitary run with a dip in the clear sea at sunrise or sunset can be exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. Take yourself an hour out just for yourself.

Couple’s time whilst exercising together can be a wonderful opportunity to combine to things with each other. Reward yourself with a lovely coffee or breakfast for two after a morning run, an afternoon tennis hour, or a cycling tour. What ever it is, exercising whilst traveling is a healthy and most often bonding moment, for the family, couple, and oneself.

Get your runners on and explore your holiday destination!

Happy active summer!




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