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Global travel with a 4 months old baby

Traveling long hall with a 4 months old baby for a month in Asia requires some serious packing and planning. Mostly in regards to what clothes and apothecary to bring.

The planning involves minimizing the luggage, but making sure we wont be freezing or stuck without the suitable outfits for humid climates, such as in Singapore or a crispy breeze on a mountain top in South Korea.

The mix of living in two countries, in addition traveling, and both parents working, requires extensive organization and support of many dedicated helpers, babysitters, nannies, friends, and family.

We can have it all, if we do reassure ourselves that we can. I'm a much better parent, dedicated, passionate, loving, when I get my self-care moments into my day.

Organize yourself, dare to take and invest in support. Yet, it's everyone's business, how they decide to raise their children and live up to their personal expectations.

LIVE AND LET LIVE, my number one credo, when it comes to children.





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