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Infertility and the couple partnership

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Infertility can impact a couple’s relationship greatly. Being both very vulnerable, due to the sadness, worries, and low affect of not succeeding with a shared dream. At times, the partners are at different stages of mourning, excepting, experiencing, which can be very challenging. The support each partner needs might also differ greatly and as both experience the grief and loss of a dream, it’s difficult to be there as emotional and physical support.

A guide for couples:

  1. Seek professional help early.

  2. Mutually agree on the therapist and frequency.

  3. Invest time to understand your partners needs.

  4. Be open to use tools, such as the 5 love languages, to understand your partner better.

  5. Learn to become a non-judgmental, curious listener.

  6. Accept that you might be at different stages in the mourning process.

  7. Focus on your relationship as a couple, its values and why you are actually undergoing reproductive treatment.

  8. Be willing to share your worries and vulnerabilities with your partner.

  9. Relationships don’t have to be complicated.

  10. Go out and enjoy some couple’s time. Focus on positive things you love to do.





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