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New York: my city

There’s multiple individual reasons to why people love coming to New York to visit, live, work, and study.

Some people love it, others hate it. I love it more than any place. The energy is epic, the people, locals one of a kind. Super straight forward, full of energy, extremely dynamic, sometimes tough, rough, but mostly considerate by holding the door for their fellow New Yorkers. With their own kind, they have a special bond, a bond one could see during the pandemic and one that I’ve had the pleasure to experience during the time I lived in New York.

Returning back to Europe, thinking about the time back home in New York. Reflecting over what it is that makes the city so magical to me. It’s the people, the energy, the straightforwardness, the genuine attitude of people on the entire spectrum, the multilingualism, multiculturalism, and especially the boldness of everyone expressing with confidence exactly who they are. People also give each other the benefit of the doubt. Live and let live, rather than intruding in the other person’s decision. If two people disagree, they’ll tell each other in their faces, rather than acting passive aggressively.




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