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Reinventing patenting part 5: Babymoon

The countdown is real now. 22 days left until our child is born. We’ve just returned from a trip to Rome, as a special couple’s time and prenatal bonding. The so called babymoon. We’ve talked a lot about the future, our visions, dreams, but most importantly focussed on the NOW. The time together as a couple and the plan to focus on it also in the future is crucial for a happy and balanced partnership. This will be reflected in the child, his behavior is always a mirror of the caregivers’ capacity to maintain contained. This is something we’ve discussed on our trip over morning runs, long long walks, coffee breaks, champagne apéros, and wonderful dinners.

This attitude to focus on quality time as a couple, is essential to the both of us. That’s why we decided to go on this babymoon trip. The destination isn’t what matters, it’s the mindset that matters. This mindset is good to be trained and established, prior to the baby’s arrival.

An agreement on how to parent among the couple is very important. Another essential aspect is the sharing of one’s own childhood experiences. The reason, why it’s extraordinarily important, is that we tend to get into default mode, especially when stressed. The default mode, wether we like it or not, is the behavioral pattern we’re most familiar with from our own childhood. Wether this mode is constructive or destructive, it tends to take over the cognitions. That’s why one’s partner should know, in order to act appropriately. Couple time first!





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