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Seasonal affective disorder SAD

Winter and darkness, fog, rain, and lack of sunlight impacts many people’s well-being during the winter months. It’s named seasonal affective disorder. This specific seasonal depression affects people around the world and occurs when days get shorter.

How do I know that I’m suffering from SAD?

-If you are not depressed or low in mood during the rest of the year and only in the winter months, it’s most likely SAD.

-If you lack vitamin D.

-If you lack time outside.

What can we do to reduce symptoms of SAD?

-Exercise, especially during the bright daylight hours. No matter rain or sun.

-Winter swimming, a pure endorphin booster.

-Meet and be active with friends.

-Head to the mountains for snow and bright sunlight.

-Plan a trip to warmer sunnier climate.

-Light therapy, use a SAD lamp at home.

-Reach out to an expert before symptoms get too severe.

-Psychotherapy can support you through the darkest months of the year.





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