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Teacher and educator program for mental health care of youth

A program designed specifically with adolescents needs and culture in mind and trying to educate about mental health broadly, including how to create a mental health positive educational environment, training on potentially how to triage or support students who are in difficulty and distress, and increasing knowledge of our campus specific resources.

Training program for faculty and staff:

  • A three-hour virtual asynchronous series of modules and then an optional two hour workshop to apply the learning.

  • A one hour e-module for upper school teaching assistant and coaches version.

  • Two hour practical workshop.

Preliminary research on the training program has shown: at least pre post improvements and knowledge, reductions in negative attitudes, reductions in stigma, and most notably, increases in confidence in people’s knowledge, their ability to respond and support a student in need.

What can teachers and educators do?

  • Non-judgemental listening.

  • Be there and dare to ask how students are doing.

  • Discuss mental health in school, destigmatizing it.

  • Create a positive educational environment.

  • Triage students that need support.

  • Collaborate with psychologists and other experts.

  • Adress mental health issues before it’s too late.

  • Students with mental health issues just want the be seen.




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