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The ivf journey

It’s been a long long journey that started with the idea of having a family 2018. In my world, getting of the contraceptive pill would end up being pregnant, immediately the next month. Turned out that that’s absolutely not been the case.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a journey. A journey that’s been accompanied by many many hardships of failed cycles over and over and over again.

Depression, anxiety, emotional, and physical  exhaustion of both partners. Completely normal in a situation so extraordinary as it’s been and normal to feel in the process of ivf. Yet, it’s a lonely place, even if it’s everyone experiencing it, goes through the same thing. This is why I did a podcast once, before we’ve succeeded.

Our reproductive health doctor runs a podcast on ivf (fertility podden), together with a midwife. Her podcast is incredibly valuable for anyone undergoing treatment.

This is also one of the reasons, why I decided to share my story. To provide Public Health Service to women and their partners. Since information is the most important god. We should share it in all possible ways. To inform, educate, support, and remove stigma associated with ivf and fertility problems in general.

Also sharing the happy end we’ve experienced, comes after taking a long half a year break, due to hitting bottom rock, the hardest wall of my life. This long break involved plenty of running, yoga, Ayurveda massages, facials, and solo travels to my city, New York.





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