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Travelling pregnant

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Just arrived in my city! New York, after a long long flight with multiple delays and crazy lines everywhere! Wow, what a journey to get here! Luckily I made it!! Arriving at my new hotel at Park Avenue, very first thing to do, run to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town! Everyone knows me, super sweet and friendly staff! I love the vibe! Such good energy and lots of NYU students around. Memories back to when my fantastic friend introduced me to this place. When we both studied in NYC. To me, the ultimate way to start my time back home in NYC. Pregnant me, going on a run, then this fantastic dinner and lots of Tirggel from Zurich as snack at the hotel before sleeping.

Running is the most effective antidote to Jetlag. It makes you immediately boost away the Jetlag and awake in the time zone you arrived at. I recommend it to everyone, even if it’s just a short run. It will make the difference!

So what’s it to travel carrying a 8 months pregnant baby? It’s what you make out of your pregnancy, of course, considering your pregnancy is smooth and you’re healthy.

We all are different and so are our pregnancies very individual.

Preparing well for your travel is crucial. If you can, fly business class to get the extra comfort and a seat you can convert into a bed. This reduces risk for complications, thrombosis, swollen legs, and a bloated belly. Bring compression socks an absolute must on any long hall flight, face mist, sleeping mask, noise cancelling earphones, medication against bloated belly, headaches, and very very important as pregnant woman a tone of snacks!! I was never as grateful for my snacks, as on my last flight to NYC!! Even in business you don’t get enough food and snacks to meet a pregnant woman’s nutrition needs. Next to these essentials, I want to emphasise how it’s each woman’s individual choice; how and how far she wants to travel.

Yet, I want the remove the myth around being unable to do many physical activities, including travelling long hall flight. Apparently, so many things wouldn’t be possible to do, as a pregnant woman. I was so concerned, I’d feel the same. Little had a known, even envisioned that I’m able to run as usual around Central Park week 31 pregnant :))

I’m running almost as usually, just slower, but daily and practice yoga daily, as well as swimming in the lake. It’s absolutely fabulous and helps me through the physical changes and challenges! Pregnancy isn’t easy and worries omni present. Practicing yoga and running away the anxiety are incredibly helpful. Worrying in pregnancy is normal, due to sky high oestrogen levels and all the responsibilities, as mother to be. I feel it myself, constantly telling myself not to be the typical ivf worrying mother to be, but after all the failed cycles, I can hardly believe in a positive outcome. The regular ultrasound visits are super helpful, seeing the heart beating is very reassuring.

What makes my pregnancy primarily so positive is; my attitude to keep exercising and living my life as before. No major changes in any of my habits, no weight gain I was very concerned about, no unnecessary stress. I do the outmost to keep going and constantly listen to my body. Being attuned with your body and mind is crucial. This relates to listening to what foods your body is asking for, what exercise, downtime it needs, how the baby responds to external stimuli, and take breaks when you feel like them.

Easier said then done, but so essential for a positive trajectory of the pregnancy and postpartum period. Do it your way, that’s the way you’re most comfortable and genuine in relation to your fetus newborn.





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