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Vacation time: Balancing family time, couple’s time, and me time

It’s summer and on the northern hemisphere the typical summer school break. All parents try to balance their time off work or partially off with family time, couple’s time, and me time.

How to arrange and balance the different needs and expectations of family members during these precious vacation days?

What are effective ways to prevent and avoid tension among family members?

How to manage the balancing act of feeling relaxed during and after family vacation time?

How to do:

Give yourself some time to adjust to the new environment of being away. Not everyone gets into holiday mood at the same time, which can cause friction and unnecessary tension. Give each other time to land and express their needs and expectations of ways to relax and recharge. Try to reach a healthy balance of me time, couple’s time, and family time. Each one of us differs, in the amount of me time we need. Try to make space for these needs me time.

Communication is key to avoid misunderstandings and misperceptions. It opens room to express needs, feelings, and expectations towards one another.

Make a plan of things you’d like to do, by yourself, as a couple, and a family. Discuss it with your family members, so everyone is informed. Of course, stay flexible for changes, but important not to compromise me time too much. We all need it to pass energy to others!

Same goes for couple’s time! Hire a babysitter to get a night out, just as newlyweds, so crucial, no matter the age of your children.

Family time can also be active time, hiking, swimming, practicing yoga together. Try it out and be surprised how much is actually possible!

Have fun, enjoy the sun!





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