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Visualisation for Self-Empowerment

Teaches visualization techniques aimed at self-empowerment and managing anxiety.

How to boost your sense of self-empowerment?

Honestly, not an easy task to answer! We’re brilliant in second guessing ourselves, putting ourselves down, when in theory the exact opposite is what we should be doing! During my training and research, I’ve encountered several inspiring role models. My grandma, PhD supervisors, two incredible females, my PhD mentor, as well as the female opponent at my thesis defence. All these women have their own unique, genuine aura. They are confident in who they are, dare to take space or not if not needed, always willing to support younger women unconditionally, without jealousy, without competition, simply out of passion, and curiosity in sharing values.

Isn’t this amazing?!

That’s how we should get up every morning!!

Visualisation of female power:

  • Think of a moment you truly felt in a stage of flow and competency. Go back there!

  • Sometimes it helps to turn the world upside down! Inversions are great to reduce anxiety, increase blood flow, reduce swelling after a long flight, and rejuvenate (headstand, shoulder stand, legs up the wall for a more relaxing version)

  • Envision yourself in a position you’d like to be. What do you need to get there?

  • Have a positive outlook regarding success and failure.





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