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Who says we can’t? with Dr. Simone Schwank of Une Sur Cent

Striving to balance it all and feeling unsupported? You aren’t alone: many workplaces lack policies to support families and parents. In today’s episode, we connect with Dr. Simone Schwank, a psychologist based in Zurich, and founder of Une Sur Cent fills us in on workplace trends and conditions in Switzerland, especially as they affect women’s self-care and parenting.

With so many hats to put on, many women in leadership end up feeling overwhelmed and burned out. This can lead to women leaving leadership positions in disproportionate numbers.

UNE SUR CENT is a community of diverse like-minded women that connects, inspires, thrives, and networks to open up new opportunities for all women. A space to create a meaningful connection, conversation, and change for women.

In this episode, Dr. Simone Schwank, the founder of UNE SUR CENT, tackles some workplace trends and conditions that affect women's self-care and parenting.

She shares how the current work culture imbalance women's careers, families, parenting, and life and why more female role models are needed, particularly in Switzerland. She also talks about how a community like UNE SUR CENT can encourage and support women to change and be leaders in their lives and careers.

In this episode, you'll hear:

Building a diverse female empowerment movement

Different events inside the UNE SUR CENT

The can and can't expect of parenthood

Unfriendly work systems for mothers and women in general; and

Understanding loneliness particularly post-pandemic

Listen to the episode:

Read the full report: LeanIn Report with McKinsey

Women in the Workplace 2022

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