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Cabin Fever during COVID-19

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

During the global pandemic of COVID-19 we all experience a rollercoaster of emotions. It has created a completely new collective. Being inside for an extended period of time can create restlessness and irritability, also known as cabin fever. In my podcast series, I discuss different aspects surrounding mental well-being during COVID-19.

The majority of countries around the world are currently under lock down and people are socially isolating. It is a unique, novel, challenging experience for everyone. When in such a state, the picture comes to mind of a tiger in the zoo, chasing back and forth in its cage. What is it we’re missing the most when “stuck” at home?

How can we escape the cabin?

Try to ask yourself and be non-judgmental, curious, and think outside the box, in order to find ways to escape the cabin and find a retreat. May it be an online yoga, a walk in nature, a run, a bike ride or meeting for a remote dinner with friends.

“Staycation” is another option to make the place you’re at a more positive environment. Decorate and rearrange your home, prepare a nice meal or light a candle. Changes in sceneries, even if they’re not outside your home can create a sense of ease.

“Cabin fever, an experience the global community can share right now. We’re all in this together, be non-judgmental and stay curious.”


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