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Women in today's society

What inspires me as a young female academic is to be a role model for future generations of women. Especially, being Swiss with a very present glass-ceiling effect for female professionals. There is a great need to push for more female representatives in large companies, but also at universities, to appoint more female professors, or hire more female bankers in leadership roles. Because female entrepreneurs tend to prefer to talk to a female banker, that takes care of her financial aspects of running a startup or larger business. A clear such structure can be seen in China, where the majority of the banking staff are women, and a large number of entrepreneurs and successful business owners are women.

We all have a responsibility to contribute with our female power to make a change. Each one of us can take her step towards a more equal society.

What can we women do?

  • Support other women’s businesses.

  • Share knowledge with other women to increase opportunities for growth.

  • Be a mentor for a young woman.

  • Collaborate across disciplines and professions.

  • Raise your voice and take space.

  • Be confident to be a woman.

  • Let jealousy behind.

We’re in this together, together we strive.

"I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am.” Coco Chanel

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