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What's happening to the psyche of the world?

Sitting in rainy Milano, reflecting over the many discussions I’ve had with people from different professions, the experience to walk all day inside and outside with face cover, missing the smiles of the Italians. I felt overwhelmed, but couldn’t really pinpoint it to any specific cause. I’ve retreated to the hotel room, did yoga, spoke to patients, which calmed my mind.

There’s a collective trauma in the air, people are afraid, sad, lost a sense of meaning for life. It’s a very heavy feeling and it’s present in everyone.

  • What are we doing to the psyche of people around the world, while we try to mitigate the COVID19 pandemic?

  • Will there be an upcoming generation of young people that over proportionally will suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD?

  • What kind of impact will this have on the future of our societies?

We must start considering the mental health impacts of the public measures to mitigate the pandemic, since we’re creating simultaneously another one: a global mental health crisis.

There has to be immediate action, raise of awareness, interventions, and prevention programs for our young ones. The future lies in their hands.

We should also not forget the older generation. While trying to protect them from COVID-19, we create the most lonely elderly generation in history. Old people became so incredibly lonely and die due to lack of meaning and life spirit.





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