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Being an adolescent during the pandemic

The group, that’s impacted extraordinarily much due to the pandemic are adolescents. Schools are closed, meeting friends limited, social gatherings, sports, parties canceled. Being stuck at home with parents working from home, stressed themselves can cause tension and arguments. The life of the parental generation has changed yes, home office instead of working from the office, but the life of adolescents changed much more dramatically. Even if they’re not a risk group, they pay the price out of solidarity for the older generations and risk groups.

Adolescents are supposed to be out and about with their peers. Peers are the most important group during adolescence and crucial for identity development.

Being in a constant battle between their own needs of meeting friends vs. the risk this behavior implies for their parents and grandparents is not to be underestimated.

The future of adolescents is uncertain.

What will happen once they graduate high school?

Will they be able to attend university, find an apprenticeship?

How will university and work look in the future, when physical attendance remains limited or cancelled.

Society’s lack of understanding of this age group is concerning. We all have to emphasize with adolescents, be more tolerant for their social interactions with their peers, and not dismiss their needs.

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