• drschwank

Optimal Performance

Updated: Aug 9

We all strive for optimal performance, to find the ideal balance of work and passion for life. But how

can we achieve our goal for optimal performance?

First step: identify the barriers that keep us from living the most optimal life. Barries can be mental, relational, environmental, physical.

Second step: initiate a process of removing these barriers that hinder you from success. This is a challenging journey, with backlashes, disappointments, failing to succeed, repeating mistakes over and over again, but essential to move ahead and eventually succeed.

Third step: visualize your success and follow your passion. Visualization and imagination can increase your chances for success.

Fourth step: highlight your abilities, develop and strengthen your skills and apply peak-performance training to aline mind and body for optimal performance.

Emphasize on the importance to remain a passionate leader in a very competitive global environment.

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