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Group Development: Insights from Research

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

My research assessing group development has shown differences in productivity based on the culture. Flatter hierarchies such as in Sweden, with consensus driven decision-making were less productive, comparing to a relatively flat, yet hierarchical structure in Swiss groups, where consensus is weighing high, but at the same time, decisions are being made by leaders. It’s all about the mix, to provide group members space to share their ideas, yet also help them take decisions, to avoid a scenario of diffusion of responsibility.

Group leaders checklist!

  1. Identify different roles in your group

  2. Assess stage of group development

  3. Provide space for independent development, no micro management!!

  4. Establish group values, norms, expectations, trust, and goals.

  5. Team events to keep the sense of unity up.



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