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Couples time vs. family time vs. me time

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We oft struggle to find time for ourselves. Time to do things according to our time table, our wishes, our needs. It’s essential for our own and our surrounding that we can breath, because only if we function well, our surrounding functions well too: “take the oxygen mask self before helping others”. As simply as it sounds, as incredibly difficult it is.

How to get started:

  • Early mornings are for you.

  • Exercise, as a priority!

  • Put the date with yourself into your calendar (no excuse to say no to yourself anymore!)

  • Treat yourself to a lunch by yourself, a massage, get a manicure, anything you like (guess what? I work while doing these things too. You can get in a massage while sitting in a meeting, writing emails, etc. if you can’t find any other time, that’s better than nothing).

  • Be creative in shuffling out time for yourself.




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